1941 • Bomb test

A mid-November atomic bomb test behind Corchem Chemical.

The explosion was a good two miles from where this photo was taken.

The 1940s:

The War Years

1941 • Red Brick/Corchem Let's Win This War poster

One of three war propaganda posters created by Yeeeowwalczyk during  WWII. These posters were distributed stateside and sponsored by Corchem Chemical. This particular poster was discovered in March of 2009 in the basement of the Butane Theater.

1942 • Corchem/Pfride Melting From the Inside Film title card

A film of firsts. The first film under the "Yeeeowwalczyk Financially Feasible Cartoon" moniker. The first film for Pfride Pharmaceuticals. And the introduction of the Pfride "Peppy Poppy" logo.

Red Brick Comics was a natural evolution from films for Crocker Yeeeowwalczyk. All of Yeeeowwalczyk’s affiliated companies – also known as "Promo-pals" – have been represented in the comic throughout the years. The going price for Red Brick Comics #1 is roughly $65,000.

1946 • Red Brick Comics

comic book no. 1

A New Direction

With the sudden passing of his father in February of 1942, Crocker Yeeeowwalczyk shuttered the building supply business and converted the building into a full fledged animation studio. By September Crocker christened the new business Yeeeowwalczyk Financially Feasible Animated Cartoons. Before his father’s death, Crocker had been quietly forming an alliance with prominent businesses throughout Butane. The list included Corchem Chemical, Shanker Processed Foods, Glandul•Aire Abodeware, Pfride Pharmaceuticals and the Forceps Toy Company. Established at the advent of World War II, the intent of this business coalition was to use animation as a tool to promote products and patriotism. The US Government funded these short films and distributed them domestically and overseas. Audiences found them entertaining and informative, while the Butane companies enjoyed the promotion. Crocker Yeeeowwalczyk called it "Promotainment".



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