1962 • New digs!

Yeeeowwalczyk Productions’ Corporate Office construction fence. The old building can be seen in the back prior to demolition.

The 1960s:

Expanding Horizons

1964 • Time for Medication watch from Pfride Pharmaceuticals featuring Red Brick

This watch was a promotional give away by Pfride Pharmaceuticals, and featured the Moptop version of Red Brick. Only 50 of these watches were manufactured.

1964 • Yeeeowwalczyk Productions’ Corporate Office grand opening

The grand opening of the Yeeeowwalczyk Productions’ Corporate Office was very big news in Butane. Some of the many features of this 12 floor subterranean building included room for 567 employees of various vocations, a 5 lane bowling alley, a nine hole mini golf course and the studio commissary “Yeeeowwalczyk’s Big and Sloppy”.


This poster was produced to advertise the Summer of Love Jamboree in Butane during the summer of 1967. Over 2000 youngsters descended on the city to celebrate the 3 day concert hosted by Pfride Pharmaceuticals. Crocker Yeeeowwalczyk personally pasted up 50 copies of this poster throughout Butane.

1967 • I Love Lithium Pfride Pharmaceuticals concert poster

Yeeeowwalczyk Productions

The 1960’s saw the largest expansion ever for Yeeeoww. Albert Crocker Yeeeowwalczyk was born March 10, 1962. In May, Crocker renamed the company to simply “Yeeeowwalczyk Productions”.  August 14, 1964 marked the grand opening of the subterranean Yeeeowwalczyk Productions’ Corporate Office.  The original Yeeeowwalczyk Building Supply outhouse was converted and used as the entry way to an elevator. This elevator gave access to the 12 floors of the building buried beneath the desert surface, with more than 200,000 square feet of work space.


Throughout the 60’s, Yeeeowwalczyk continued trying its hand at TV. 1963’s Magical Merchant Machine– in Color! was a poor performer lasting only one season. 1969’s Magical Medicinal Merchant Machine Sponsored by Pfride Pharmaceutical seemed to hook the viewing public and remained on the air through much of the seventies.


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