1978 • Fire in the hole

A fire at the Shanker Processed Foods building nearly put an end to the company. The city of Butane banded together to clean up the mess and bring Shanker back to life.

The 1970s:

Troubled Water

1972 • Shanker Processed Foods Magical Merchant Machine On Ice ice ad

To capitalize on the Magical Merchant Machine franchise Crocker decided to take it live– on ice! Shanker Processed Foods sponsored the show and also sold themed products. With the city of Butane reaching temperatures of 115 during the summer of '72 the skating rink never fully froze leaving the Magical Merchant Machine on Ice without ice.

1976 • Shanker Processed Foods Brick, Stick & Pan

Bi-Cinnamon-Tennial Cereal

To commemorate the country's 200th birthday, and promote this cinnamon flavored cereal from Shanker Processed Foods, an animated TV Special — The Spirit of Cinnamon-Seventy-Six — was produced by Yeeeowwalczyk. The special continues to be enjoyed every July 4th on KBTN-TV Channel 53.

The Shanker BrickMeal was produced in conjunction with the Red Brick Thanksgiving TV Special The First Bricksgiving that continues to air yearly on KBTN-TV channel 53.

1979 • Shanker Processed Foods Brick Meals frozen meals

A Slow Decline

The ‘70s began a slow, painful decline for Yeeeoww, then known as Yeeeowwalczyk Productions. Crocker, who was now in his sixties, suffered a heart attack in early 1971. By December he was back to work just in time to see Butane bypassed by Interstate 40. This prevented motorists from patronizing Butane’s various establishments.


June 17, 1978 is a day indelibly etched in the minds of all Butanians: the Shanker Processed Food factory fire. What was originally thought to be arson turned out to be faulty wiring within one of the company’s machines.


Yeeeowwalczyk Production’s Magical Medicinal Merchant Machine Sponsored by Pfride Pharmaceuticals proved to be a bright spot in the decade for Yeeeowwalczyk Productions. Premiering in 1969, It remained on the air throughout

the first half of the seventies.



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