Butane Bistros, Buildings & Bastards

Red Brick pays a visit to the many diverse locations of Butane, California, discovering it’s rich history and colorful characters.

S1 E1– Red Brick Visits Yeeeoww!!! Corporate Headquarters

In the season opener, Red Brick pays a visit to where it all began– and where HE began– at the Yeeeoww Corporate Office in Butane, California.

S1 E2– Red Brick Visits the Deep Fried Mountains

In this episode Big Rock joins Red Brick for a fascinating interview at the foot of the majestic Deep Fried Mountains. The topic today will be their shared careers in the film industry.

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S1 E3– Red Brick Visits Der Chimihaus

Red Brick is joined by his long time friend and neighbor Chimiboy. On the docket for today: the history of Chimihaus, his staring role in the upcoming Chimihaus Party film, and what makes the Crunch Party Chimi so darn good?

S1 E4– Red Brick Visits KBNT-TV

Today Red Brick pays a visit to KBTN- the broadcast facility for YTV. This small but mighty TV station is the only facility to serve all of greater Butane.