Big Rock

Red Brick's arch rival for over 70 years. This time he’s out to throw cold water on the Chimihaus Party by opening a rival restaurant to Chimihaus in Lithium. He calls it the Chalupa Barn. 


Located just outside of Butane, it's best known as the location of Hans Hansenhan's memorial. It’s also the site of an old salt mine that closed in 1964. The fact that Big Rock set up his restaurant here shows just how nasty he is. 

Guzzler Ad

Bangwagon.has created a version of their luxury Guzzler All Terrain Vehicle to help celebrate the film Chimihaus Party. The Chimihaus Party Guzzler XL Edition is available for a limited time through the Butane Car Shed. 

Big Rock Wanted Poster

Not only is Big Rock nasty, he’s also wanted by the FBI. This Wanted Poster pretty much sums up everything you need to know about this loathsome critter..

Hansenhans Obit

This is the obituary of Chimihaus co-owner Hans Hansenhans taken from the August 23, 1994 edition of the Butane Bugle. He was a good man.


Download BOTH these files, then print and assemble your own Chimihaus Fry Pan mask! Wear it and pretend you’re having your own Chimihaus Party!