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Chimihaus Party Spicy Nacho Cheese 'n' Knackwurst Cough Suppressant from Pride Pharmecudical offers one full hour of cough relief in a convenient Spicy Nacho Cheese 'n' Knackwurst flavored liquid. It can be used both day and night.

Throw your own Chimihaus Party with YeeeowwMart!!

With so many products to choose from there's always a reason to party!

Chimihaus Party Themed Fun

If you're going to party do it in style with a Chimihaus T-shirt. Or download, print and cut out a your own collectible Chimihaus Party Spicy Nacho Cheese 'n' Knackwurst Cough Suppressant yCard!

The fun of Cough Suppressant in a MOVIE!

A new zany full-length animated feature film from Yeeeoww!!! staring Der Chimiboy, with Red Brick, Fry Pan and Sharp Stick. Visit the Chimihaus Party website to find out more.

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