Mommy Looks Happy Now

Presented by Yeeeoww!!! Pictures in partnership with Corchem Pharmaceuticals

Welcome to Miseriville, population: 777 sad sacks. For the Pfride family it's just another grey gloomy day. That is until Mommy meets her new best freind: Peppy Poppy. With Peppy's help Mommy learns she can do battle with the Vicious Vaccuum, the Diabolibal Dishes, the Bad Bathroom and still be pretty for Daddy when he gets home at six o'clock! Release in 1969, Mommy Looks Happy Now uses the magic of storytelling to show the woman of 1969 she could live up to society's expectations of what a housewife should be. Includes 2 hit songs I'm Pretty Sure I Have 6 Arms and Cigarettes 'n' Coffee 'n' Crack.

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