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Chimihaus Party Cereal from Shanker Processed Foods is a crunchy deep fried rinderrouladen flavored cereal that's like a fiesta in your bowl!. And you just can't beat the fun marshmellow bits in the shapes of your pals Red Brick, Sharp Stick and Fry Pan! Take a piñata stick to those 11 grams of whole grain fiber; then celebrate like a 18th century mariachi because it's virtually gluten free!

Throw your own Chimihaus Party with YeeeowwMart!!

With so many products to choose from there's always a reason to party!

Chimihaus Party Themed Fun

If you're going to party do it in style with a Chimihaus T-shirt. Or download, print and cut out your own collectible Chimihaus Party Cereal yCard!

The fun of cereal in a MOVIE!

A new zany full-length animated feature film from Yeeeoww!!! staring Der Chimiboy, with Red Brick, Fry Pan and Sharp Stick. Visit the Chimihaus Party website to find out more.

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