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Serve up a meal that will make your kids look happy like mom! Turkey patty fritters coated with seasoned stuffing, smoky and sweet dark chicken portions or maybe mouth watering country-fried beef steak fritter in gravy... so many choices all smooshed into a pretty Peppy Poppy plate! Shanker! That thar's good eats!®

Shanker Foods: That Thar's really processed!

Lot's of tasty stuff prepped, processed 'n' packaged and all available at Yeeeoww!!! Mart.

Microwaveable Themed Fun!

Make your lips full and luscious with a Yeeeoww!!! Couture Peppy Poppy T-shirt. Double-down by downloading, printing and cutting out your own collectible, tradeable Mommy Looks Happy Now Mommy Looks Happy Meal yCard!

Another Yeeeoww!!! Classic from the yVault

Peppy Poppy teaches Mommy a thing or two in this 1969 feature length animated classic from Yeeeoww!!! Pictures.

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