The 2000's:

A New Beginning

Albert Yeeeowwalczyk in front of the recently restoredYeeeoww Corporate Office.

Butane friends,

On August 14, 2009 at the age of 94 my father, Crocker Yeeeowwalczyk, passed away. Little did I realize that my father’s estate was worth an estimated $750,000,000. Over the years I had taken only a fleeting interest in my father’s business. But now, with my father’s passing and coming face to face with my own mortality, I have come to the realization of the importance of keeping my father’s legacy alive. As such I have recently invested over 50 million dollars to renovate and restore the Yeeeowwalczyk Corporate Office. I have had multiple discussions with the current owners of Shanker, Corchem, Glandul•Aire, Pfride and Forceps to glean knowledge and guidance. A call has gone out for the most talented writers, animators, directors, producers and support staff to reinvigorate the company. And, in a symbolic first step, the company name, Yeeeowwalczyk Productions, has now been shortened to Yeeeoww!!! and it’s most beloved characters, Red Brick, Sharp Stick, and Fry Pan have been updated for a new generation. We have a slate of exciting new projects, starting with the exciting 70 years of Hoopla celebration. Please check back to this site often to what’s new!

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