The 2000's:

A New Beginning

Albert Yeeeowwalczyk in front of the recently restoredYeeeoww Corporate Office.


On August 14, 2009 at the age of 94 my father, Crocker Yeeeowwalczyk, passed away. Little did I realize that my father’s estate was worth an estimated $750,000,000. Over the years I had taken only a fleeting interest in my father’s business. But now, with my father’s passing and coming face to face with my own mortality, I have come to the realization of the importance of keeping my father’s legacy alive. As such I have recently invested over 50 million dollars to renovate and restore the Yeeeowwalczyk Corporate Office. I have had multiple discussions with the current owners of Shanker, Corchem, Glandul•Aire, Pfride and Forceps to glean knowledge and guidance. A call has gone out for the most talented writers, animators, directors, producers and support staff to reinvigorate the company. And, in a symbolic first step, the company name, Yeeeowwalczyk Productions, has now been shortened to Yeeeoww!!! and it’s most beloved characters, Red Brick, Sharp Stick, and Fry Pan have been updated for a new generation. We have a slate of exciting new projects, starting with the exciting 70 years of Hoopla celebration. Please check back to this site often to what’s new!