Extreme Processed Food Challenge

The Shanker Processed Chicken and Flav-R-Fish host as Shanker Processed Food products go head to head in a food defrosting battle royal! Sponsored by Shanker Processed Foods

S1E1– Knives 'n' Forks

Let the competition begin! The Shanker Processed Chicken and Flav-R-Fish introduce the extremely grueling course that includes “The Isle of Knives 'n' Forks”. Mommy Looks Happy Meal vs. the Food Fiestarator.

S1E2– Pound for Pound

Today's Competition pits the Mommy Looks Happy Meal against Processed Cheese Food! Get ready for a processed food pounding!

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S1E3– All Fired Up

Today things get heated up for the Food Fiestarator and Bonrz Cheese Flavored Puffs! The Shanker Processed Chicken and Flav-R-Fish give the firey play by play!

S1E4– Spooge-O-Matic

The Spooge-O-Matic gets turrned on full blast today! Reconsitituted Chicken Nuggets goes up against the slippery Mommy Looks Happy Meal!