M3: Magical Merchant Machine

Your favorite Promo-Pal products give it everything they’ve got in this electrifying talent/shopping show.


The Machine Crew- Red Brick, Mom and Tommy Forceps- are pumped to kick off this season of M3. Strap yourself in and get ready for the ride of your life as your favorite products perform while you purchase


The Foaming Appliance Cleaner from Corchem is just one of the many talented products on fire and on sale in this episode of M3. Just remember to use the episode code when you make your purchase!

Fantastic show related printables, downloads and merchandise!



This week MC Shanker Processed Chicken gets into the act with the Food Fiestarator- fighting with verve and value.


Check out the pipes on the Fun-Doo Fondue- as well as the price! There's no beating either! Don't forget to shop the machine!