Toy Ruination

"Atomic" Tommy Forceps plays host, to this show where Forceps Toys test their metal in a dangerous game of strategy and stamina. Sponsored by Forceps Toys.

S1E1-All hail the gods of Deep Fried Mountain

In this season's opener Tommy Forceps presses the Big Red Button to kick things off - sending out the “tribes” of Forceps Games into the wild to fight for their survival.

S1E2-Lost in the wilderness

The “tribes” of Forceps Games continue their dangerous trek across the Deep Fried Mountains. Depending on, while despising each other. Could a bloodbath be just around the corner?

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S1E3-The Bloodbath Around the Corner

Things get nasty for the “tribes” as paranoia runs high. Death comes swiftly for several contestants even though that’s against the rules of the game.


The “tribes” create pagan idols and begin creating elaborate worship ceremonies. Then things REALLY start to intensify.