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Kids will love blowing their fingers off with Kid Konstructor Mini-Miner Blasting Caps. All the Blasting Power. All the Blasting Danger!

An Explosion of Fun!

So many games and toys!: So little time! Look no further than Yeeeoww!!! Mart for a plethora of games and toys from Forceps Toys. Each is themed after a classic Yeeeoww!!! film of the past 70 years.

Cluck Colonic Cola Themed Fun

Get your colonic on—literally—with a Colonel Colonic T-shirt. Or download, print and cut out a set of your own collectible Tommy Forceps yCards! Ten different cards in all!


Don’t miss Tommy Forceps in his first full-length animated feature film: Saving Private Chicken. See Red Brick and his pals race to help The Shanker Processed Chicken escape certain death. Visit the Saving Private Chicken website to find out more.

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