May 1, 2020

100 Years of Yeeeoww ...almost.

Hello Butane!

As you probably surmised from the title of this Blog post, we’re starting to prep for Yeeeoww’s 100th anniversary and I must say, in all that time the City of Butane has never been in mandated quarantine. But here we are. Here’s hoping everyone reading this is staying home and being safe!

So to kick things off for our -almost- centennial, we’ve been pouring through the Yeeeoww!!! archives and working on a new 25 part series to be broadcast on YeeeowwTV. This has been on-going for quite some time, and we’re just putting the finishing touches on it - albeit from our homes. We’ve posted the trailer for the series on the Yeeeoww!!! Homepage, so please take a look!

There will be a lot of centennial  celebratory goings on in the coming months and I’ll keep you posted here in the Blog.

One other humongous project to mention is our theme park: YeeeowwWorld! In the next couple months we’ll be posting the first glimpse of this extraordinary place. I don’t want to give anything away but let me just say that I think Butanians are going to LOVE it! ...but what else would you expect me to say, right?


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