January 2, 2019

Happy New Yeeeoww!!!

Hello Butane! 

Al Yeeeowwalczyk here. I’m very excited to be inaugurating our new Blog, I'll use it to keep you abreast of the new projects we’re working on here at Yeeeoww!!!, as well as just keeping you filled in on the goings on of the company as a whole. 

So let me just dive right in...

First let me say how excited we’ve been about the launch last fall of Yeeeoww!!! TV right here in Butane on KBTN channel 53. It’s a hellava job to produce 8 different shows simultaneously, but we’ve proven to be up to the task.  I salute the artists and writers in our Television department with a hearty JOB WELL DONE!

Next, I’m sure everyone in Butane has seen the posters around town, and as you saw on our home page, Yeeeoww's first feature length film in over 20 years is nearing completion. Chimihaus Party will be premiering early next year at the renovated Butane Theatre. We’ve launched the website so go take a peek at it and download all the fun stuff we’ve included on the site (the Scampzmeal Mini Box is my favorite)

That should do it for now. I have a lot more to say about our film Chimihaus Party but I’ll save that for another post. 

Take care!


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